Robin de Villiers

a Software Developer


Welcome to my website. I'm Robin de Villiers. I'm an Agile Software Developer.

The bulk of my experience is in the Java environment developing projects according to Agile principles. Over the years, I've found that the language matters less and less, especially more recently where I've been commercially developing in a much broader range of languages, including single page web applications (Angular, ReactJs), NodeJs, Python, Ruby, C++ and various different flavours of Java (Groovy, Scala). I don't claim to be an expert on every language I've every coded in, but good software principles are applicable everywhere. The databases these languages use are common, the network technology is ubiquitous, and good code attains a property that any programmer in any of these languages will recognise.




Cascade is a test generation framework for managing and executing journey style black box tests.



Hound is a performance testing tool. It is very similar to Gatling. 'Why write another one?' you ask! The answer lies in how you write your test specification.



Machinery is a library for sorting data into buckets and then running calculations on the results.